MaviLuna Give Back

The founder of MaviLuna Group believes we must all give to the universe to receive. He is a strong believer that positive energy breeds positive outcomes and smiling alone can make a difference.

MaviLuna Group does not donate funds and profits received from sales, as ultimately this means our customers are paying a higher price on the purchase of their home to cover our charity support.

Instead we donate our time and participate in charity fundraisers – Raising money and awareness for the chosen organisation.

We understand we cannot change the world, however, we can certainly change someone’s world. 

MaviLuna Group cannot solve world hunger, homelessness or any other humanitarian issue we have, however, we can certainly raise awareness and try to make a positive difference to people in need.

Throughout the year MaviLuna Group will take part and raise money and awareness for charity organisations it believes is a worthy cause and hopefully we can make a difference to someone’s world.

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