Let us sell your home

MaviLuna Realty understands that when it comes to selling your home, it isn’t as simple as a plain newspaper advert and sticking up a ‘for sale’ sign while you wait for the phone to ring. 

MaviLuna Realty will consider every bit of detail and make recommendations to improve the look and feel of your property to marketing via online networks and make recommendations that will give you the quickest sale at the best price.

MaviLuna Realty will consider what is happening in the broader market and what is best for your particular situation. We will have discussions with you and understand if you are better off buying a new home before or after you sell your current home and the best-selling method for your particular property.

MaviLuna Realty will be in charge of advertising, showing and completing the legal requirements of selling your property and ensuring every potential prospect is followed up.

MaviLuna Realty offers 10 out of 10 service and starts by promising to return any missed call within 2 business hours and respond to all emails the very same day. Some companies call this professional, we simply call it polite. 

So if you’re looking at selling your home, simply complete our online enquiry form today or contact us for more information.

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